Soaking in Hot/Cold Tub

How should this be done and how often and for how long?

I just recently soaked on a Tuesday and every day between up to race day, which was on a saturday. I soaked for about 25 minutes in epson salts and warm water. What result did this have on my race? if any at all.

How did you run?

6.83…my Pr last year was 6.88…

Well done man,

I use cold baths far more often than warm baths, during heavy training - I find the heat can have a very tiring effect straight afterwards and also the next morning.

I find Warm baths very good during low-intensity weeks or periods where I am not performing high-intensity exercise that frequently.
I also find stretch after the baths a very good way to help lossen out sore muscles.

The morning after matches I will try and get a warm bath to help soothe the knocks and belts but never the evening or hours after the match - thats for cold!.

I’m also looking at aromatherapy solutions for Epsom baths also to assist in certain recovery instances and with some injuries.

Espom will encourage a lot of fluid loss - so just keep that in mind also post bath.

I blew a powerlifting meet because of the overzealous use of a whirlpool.

Messed up my muscle tonus. I suppose you could say that it was a combination of too much relaxation and dehydration.

That’s why I regard the unregulated use of heat as dangerous.

I must be honest I would rarely if ever use heat close to comp. - but that’s just from personal experiences simialr to Shafs.