smolinsky book or..

Today I want to buy a good book about training :Schmolinsky’s one or the book by jess jarver, sprints, contemporary training and technique.any of you has both of them?
how do you rate them?

I don’t have Schmolinsky’s book yet.

The Jarver text is just basically a bunch of studies/papers from out of Track Coach magazine. It’s good but realize it’s just a compilation of various prepublished articles&papers.

I have both.The Jarver books are good and have some classic studies in them.
The Schmolinsky book is great but so cluttered and out of order I only have read pieces of it as of now. When I get the chance I will go through it in its entirety. Very good info though.

The 2 books are good reading, but i prefer Jess Jarver.
Concerning Schmolinsky’s GDR book, Grundlagen Der Leichtathletik by Bauersfeld/Schröter is much better in my opinion, more practical and had more recent updates. No english translation of it unfortunately…

Schmolinsky’s text is poorly translated and awfully organized ,but it contains some most precious basic info too many times ignored,or just forgotten. I like it,and go back to it from time to time.

In regard to Jess’s book. I found the older editions better. If you can get hold of them that is.

A side note. Jess is a legend in Aust. my understanding, as he was around before my time, is that a lot of the translations where done by himself and his wife.

I have the 2000 edition of Jess Jarver’s book. A new one available?

Not that I know of. I have the same edition, I have seen 1995 edition which I found better than the 2000.

I have not seen the editions before 95.