Slow eccentric paused squats improve flexibility...

Well recently, I did slow eccentric paused full oly squats. These are lowered in 8 secs, paused for 2 secs at the bottom and exploded up

Needless to say it is rather painful in the lower half. Strength and power has improved nicely as expected with the increase in hip and leg size. Lots of DOMS though

But one thing I didn’t count on was dramaticly improved hamstring and hip flexibility! I was doing my usual post workout stretching a few days after such a workout and found a definite increase in my usual sit and reach hammie stretches reach. This has also in turn improved my squat form.

I thought this was too good to be true - and what do you know I found his post by CT

Christian Thibaudeau
11:24 PM

Definetly! During very long isometrics (we’re talking up to 240 seconds here! But generally in the 60-180 seconds range) the blood flow to the muscle is significantly halted. However, once you relax said muscles there is what is known as reactive hyperhemia: a prodigious increase in blood flow to the muscle. This will greatly help with muscle recovery.

Tony Schwartz, Tom Myslinski and I have been working on a training technique combining very long duration isometrics/eccentric actions in the stretched position to increase flexibility, muscle mass and recovery capacities at the same time! The method will be described in my upcoming pdf book

bling bling :slight_smile:

I wonder if Jay Schreoder knew all this stuff all along…


Probably, Tony and Tom have both worked with Jay on several occasions.