Sleep: what is worse?

This is a fairly simple question (I hope): The past couple days my heart rate has been up, people around me have been sick, and I feel like I am on the brink of coming down with something. My other clue is that I have been sleeping a lot longer than usual, almost into the afternoon!

So my question… I have a state championship in the next couple days that I REFUSE to miss, and I know that getting too much sleep might make me groggy. Is it worse for me to sleep too much in an effort to get better, or to sleep a normal amount but risk getting sick?

Your physiology is very different from mine: for me, the more sleep the better.
But: Maybe sleep is what you need to battle the --whatever it is-- so you can hit it hard at the meet. You don’t want to be sick or tired from your body’s efforts to fight it off.

rest…groggy? Java!

Sleep lots -till 5 hrs before your comp- then, a trip to Starbucks (twice the hit)