Sleep (Night Before Night before)

There has been mention on this site in the past that the night before the night before a big competition is more important than the actual night before. Can someone explain to me why this is?

I can’t explain it to you. But it seems to be correct.

I have had, numerous times, a wonderful nights sleep two night before comp and crap sleep the night before. One occassions no sleep the night before and have competed well.

Mind you that was when I was younger. Can’t seem to do that now I am older, and apparently wiser, but after last night. Wiser probably not the word.

I too would like to know why?

i have heard this as well. it was explained to me that the night before a major competition, your sleep will be disrupted because of nervousness or anticipation, and you can bank in on the rest from two nights before. i’m sure there is probably a more scientific explanation, but that was really all i needed to hear to be aware of my sleep two days in advance.

I would say this is true, similarly if you stayed up all night the night before a competition, you wouldn’t feel negative affects (ie. fatigue, etc) until the day after the competition. I have had this happen to me, where I had an exam the same day as my competition and stayed up all night the night before but didn’t feel negative effects till the next day, so if you have back to back competition for the following day, then it will affect you