Sleep/night before a meet.

I have an incredibly hard time falling asleep the night before a meet. Especially at a hotel. I have been told that the night before a meets sleep is not really important and 2 nights before is actually more important. Is this true?

I would imagine that there is no magical benifit to be gained by a deep sleep two nights before but that the possible negative effects of a bad sleep the night before can be negated by being well rested coming up to the race.

Before a big race two nights before is often the last chance to get a good sleep!

quick it happens with some people,can be caused by the stress/anxiety for the following days event.don’t worry about it,it happens to alot of advice is to stick to your normal bed routine,don’t go to bed a few hours early.just stick to your routine.listen to music,read and basically relax.if staying at a hotel take your own pillow with you,it may sound strange but its true.people are soo used to sleeping with a certain pillow and if its not right it will disrupt your sleep!

yes, your right X… the pillow thing is true…
im just wondering if gettin only 3 hours of sleep will affect performance…

If you read “Speed Trap” there is a story in it about Mark Mckoy I think where he stayed up till all hours of the mornign playing cards, and then ran one of the best races of his life the next day.

If you are in a hotel and cant sleep, don’t stay in bed. Get up and go for a walk or go and watch TV or a movie. But only use beds for sleeping…well you know what I mean.

i remember reading that. A few years ago when i was in high school i ran one of my best races(s) after prom. I stayed up all night and was at a club. I went home after showered and changed and went straight to the track. During my warmup i felt incredibly loose. I went on to win the 100 and long jump and take second in the 200. The newspaper interviewed me after and said that despite getting less than 4 hours of sleep because of prom i competed well my quote that appeared in the paper the next morning was… “yea i felt good, i guess im loose from all the dancing i did last night”.