I noticed in my first 100m race off the year, my start and acceleration phase was great. Then I just found my self low in a “sitting” position the rest off the race, and of course this lead to struggle instead of relaxiation.
Is there any suggestions how I can remove this “bad habitt” from my running?

i found that trying to pick up the knees can have that effect on an athlete due to it causing the hips to drop thus giving you a sitting effect.try to run tall and relax,relax ,relax! you start to struggle and thats the race over,you’re gone,period.accelerate,relax and maintain.

Also rushing the recovery phase to increase frequency can cause an athlete to sit.

While it is important to have good knee height, the kneelift must not travel above the hip, or you will be forced to sit.

Could you be sitting even though your knees stay below the hips?

yes you could thor but i would say that is a strenght issue

Agree- strength and flexibility.

Any foot problems?

Or strength issues in the feet?

tom any research on that or any reasons for saying/mentioning foot probs?

Actually strenght and flexibility are my two weakneses right now, so could improving those, make the sitting go away?

I´ve been done with a cold, so no training for almost three weeks.
Starting today and competition phase starts in two weeks, can I continoue with max-strenght or how should I procide, feels like I got some cathing up in the weight-room, but I don`t wanne lose my races…or maybe it will help my winning them?