Is core-training ok to do on tempo days, or is that high intesiework as should be performed on speed days? :mrt:

I do mine (400 reps) first thing in the morning.

I don’t know how Ben did his - but I find that spreading them throughout the workout works well and stops the extreme boredom if ur doing them alone - I do sets of 20 for each type of exercise in a circuit of 5 , and repeat this up to 4 times over the course of a session usually half b 4 track half b 4 gym .
On core/tempo days I try not to do more than 20 mins consecutively cos its just to mindnumbingly boring and u start counting the hairs on ur knees

That gotta make your abs feel fine…
Do you know how Ben split it up, in how many reps/set?
And how many days are abstraining supose to be done, more then twice?

Ben did 500 ab reps speed days, 1000 on tempo days! Adjust the volume of your ab. work to match this ratio.

You can do it on both as it is low intensity - but its better to do the larger proportion on tempo days so you have more energy for use on speed days .

Ok, so tempo-day=core day.

Gloop 20 minutes. I get bored after 10 minutes.

Charlie has said this before (I think) spread them out during the day.

I tend to do half in the morning (6am) and the rest in 2 workouts doing the day, say main training session and after work (7pm)

Yeah, but did Ben do 1000 in a day, that gotta take ages…
What about putting them between the tempo sets?
Does that make the recovery to long for the races? :mrt:

Mind u DMA u can feel the burn much better if u do them in a block
I could never do them first thing in the morning wullie - quite apart from my spine popping out I’d get totally disorientated
Having as part of warm-ups or warm downs seems to work quite well

Try 'em in sets of 25 x 4 excercise = 100 reps. Do this 5 times and its 500. It ain’t THAT boring is it?!?

I got some catching up to do with our friend sit-ups…thanks

By the way gf_200, what recovery do you have between reps and sets?