Simple, yet Effective Recovery Methods

What are simple and effective recovery methods?

i have access to a shower and maybe massages a couple times a week.

So what are good methods using the above? also i have ice-packs and such… just no big fancy equipment

There are a lot of things you can do: (the search function is your friend for specific protocols)

-Contrast showers

-Self massage

-Foam rolling

during a workout you can actually use ice massages to act as a stimulant to the CNS you only massage for a min or two not long enough to actually lower the internal temp of the tissue. after workouts you can take baths in hydrogen peroxide. what you do is get the water as hot as you can take it and poor one or two bottles of hydrogen peroixide in the water depending on your size. it actually penetrates the skin and acts as a recovery agent. good luck hope this helps.

How would that compare to epsom salt baths?

James, can you explain this further?



Epsom are Magnesium and relax nervous system, muscle and alkalize too.

Peroxide, work to give more O2 to tissue via transdermal action, this is good and bad in my opinion.
It’s good because you can contrast anaerobiosys (low Ph/acidosys), I remember that Trigger point are generated by low Ph/Lack of O2 too.

Bad, because O2 is pro-oxidant, be carefull!

Domestic uses
It is commonly used (in very low concentrations, typically around 5%) to bleach human hair, hence the phrases peroxide blonde and bottle blonde. It burns the skin upon contact in sufficient concentration. In lower concentrations (3%), it is used medically for cleaning wounds and removing dead tissue. The Food and Drug Administration has approved 3% hydrogen peroxide (“Food-Grade,” or without added chemical stabilisers) for use as a mouthwash. Commercial peroxide solutions (most H2O2 bought over the counter from pharmacies) are not suitable for ingestion as they contain additional harmful chemicals.

ANd your telling people to use it as a bath solution??

In Italy you can find various kind of Peroxide, with and without harmfull agents.

Some therapists use DMSO + Peroxide for treat Trigger Point zone, other suggest H2O2 ingestion for intestine problems (parassites and other) other bath.

On amazon you can find some book on this.

Wait James for other infos.

Stretching. Seems obvious, but don’t overlook it.

ive done both, both are beneficial, if i had to choose between the two i would use the hydrogen peroxid. luckly we dont have to choose you can use both. you can even use a squirt bottle and spray hydrogen peroxide directly on the skin.

the theroy is the less input the greater the output in a CNS sense. i actually discussed this with tom green a while back. so but dulling the tissues feedback system a greater output can be facilitated, it works well to get that little bit more out of your system. maybe tom can fill you in on the topic a little better than i can.

Lets not forget good ol’ sleep:) The best for of recovery:)

i wouldnt worry about the pro oxidant nature of hydrogen peroxide, one i dont think it will act as a free radical, two oxygen is good for the body. i know obvious right but desiesed states in the body are anerobic in nature ie cancer hates oxygen. and three if you eat properly free radicals should not be a major concern. by properly i am no talking about the Oooo so horrible FDA food pyramid or RDA.

it in no way burns the skin hell i use it as a mouth wash (gets rid of all those bad breath germs) every day. im sure in higher concentrations it could be dangerous but ive been using it forever. so yes im telling you if you want a recovery agent its a good one. what do you think im walking around with all my skin burned off.

Say it again … the most underrated recovery method

damn othe, lost my job due to china outselling our manufacture of copper wire. So the last 1 wk i have been getting 10-11hrs of sleep. Been improving like crazy, more in a wk than in the last couple of mnths.

Sleep? What’s that?

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kava is also good for recovery especially good for the CNS.