I have a cold now… (if it means that you are freezing and feel warm at the same time, headache, my whole body hurts)… got it on saturday evening, and im f***** up right now…
What should I do in relation to training? when should I start to train, and how much etc etc etc

Say in bed.

What to the symptoms are gone and heart rate is back to normal or close to.

Don’t train

Agreed … Just let it take it’s course. Dont feel guilty, dont feel bad. In other words, work with your body on this. Rest until you feel jumpy again then begin the Run Throughs and stretching.

If you run now you may flatten yourself for a long time and keep your immune system down. Oh and when you start, be careful of the heavy weights … Patience is the key here and you’ll be back before you know it.

Stay in BED! No-one ever completes all the training they originally plan- it’s the overall consistency that counts.