shoulder work and back

Do over head setaed dumbell raises, shrugs, front dumbell shoulder raise, double arm front dumbell raise, shoulder press on a machine, military press(bring down to chest), lateral dumbell raises, hit any of the back muscles, cuz wednesday i did shoulder work and my middle back was sore too the day after and today i did shoulder work and i feel some soreness in my lower back while i was playin ball, man i cant stand these stupid injuries for no reason, i even freakin worry about exercises that aint even that hard to do, it frustartes me when i do a workout and an uneccesary part of my body that i dont think i eve hit gets sore…maybe when i do seated dumbell raises thats when my back gets hit…man i dunno i just need some help on this, sorry everyone please try to find some time to answer my questions

Watch your posture when doing those exercises. If you’re all rounded forward in your upper back and lower back, shoulders being also forward, you get those aches and pains. Everything has a reason, injuries are not accidents (most of the time). So when doing lateral raises for example keep an arch in your lower back and pull your shoulder blades together.

but even if i dont round it or somethin, i still get a good shoulder workout right? its not aches really, its soreness but today i was feelin a bit soreness/ache in my lower back after i did shoulder work…dont some of those exercises work the back ?

You are obviously compensating for your weak delts by using your back muscles. So you are NOT supposed to get lower back soreness from shoulder work. Just follow my advice above so you can target the right muscles and get the most out of those exercises. Also remember not to use too much weight to avoid using compensating muscles to assist the movement.

Once again it is a postural problem. Like as previously stated before you’ll want to arch your back, and try to “pinch” your shoulder blades in an attempt to touch each other, this can promote better shoulder form when doing isolation exercises. Unless you were doing olympic movements then when the shoulders are being used as the primary muscle group, then the rhomboids and spinal erectus should never be used. Use less weight, it’s as simple as that, overcompensation will do nothing for your gains in no matter what movement.

but u told me it does work the back? and i think my shoulder blades were together i dont know why my lower back had minor ache, but right now its fine…so the workout i did was a waste of time or i still got the same workout

i didnt say it works the back directly. Just continue on with your program.