SHoulder tighten

How to i keep my shoudlers from rising at top-Speed.

When you say “Shoulders down” do you “force” them down or try to relax them?

Up Up Up Up Up Up Up

First stick your shoulders all the way up in your ears, then force them down while relaxing the neck. Then release any tension on the shoulders. If you have relaxed arm movement and keep your neck relaxed the shoulders will not rise up.

Ced its a very common error which can be corrected with practice.remember your actions at lower speeds,75-90% and keep those thoughts in mind and basically just duplicate it to your top end speed.

ask yourself why are my shoulders tensing up!!!

my answer would be your trying to push too hard resulting in your shoulders and basically your mechanics falling apart.don’t forget that top end speed only lasts’ 10-15m in top athletes but its staying relaxed which will decrease the drop off in speed in the latter stages!

thanks alot