shoulder prehab

where can i find some good shoulder prehab?

Shouldn’t the surgeon who’s doing your shoulder surgery give you some prehab stuff? Or are you talking about “prehab” in some other way?

Naw, I found what I needed on tnation.

Check out stuff by diesel crew. They almost specialise in this stuff and have some great warm-up/prehab routines for the shoulders.

Gray Cook’s Shoulder DVD is good. Also his Band DVD has some nice shoulder progressions.

I would also include some type of pec stretch/myofascial release. All of my athletes with shoulder issues have extreme tightness here. Secondary site would be the lat.

FYI, if anyone is looking for a copy of The 7-Minute Rotator Cuff Solution, Ironman Magazine bought the publishing rights to the Health for Life catalog several years ago and sells several of their courses including 7-Min. Solution through their Home Gym Warehouse website. Don’t overpay for a used copy from Amazon.

Unfortunately, for some reason they have not brought all of HFL’s publications and videos back into print. Pity.

I have been getting all my clients doing Rotor Cuff work for a while now. Everybody.

Is this the article you found?

If not this is a really good one that looks beyond just the rotator cuff and to the dynamics of the scapula.


Do We have enough experience to create a shoulder prehab exercises plan?..