Silencer's slam dunks and speed log

Dear Silencer, Great to see another journal of yours, I feel like we’ve been growing up together athletically (and more), since we “met” in this forum years ago =)))

p.s. vertical jumping fascinates me… I think it’s one of those things that expresses true athleticism and is a more rare characteristic to be found.
With that said, I dedicate this sketch to you:

p.s.2 Since we agreed to share our ventures more or less, let me publicly announce to the forum our yesterday’s agreement of the entering into “Training 2.0” = “Be a nutcase”. =D
Starting this morning!!
[[ Which means I must beat my last week’s “breakthroughs” of doing trainings like 3x4x200m with 100m jog rests (at 38"-39") and 4’/set, or 2x6x200m with 2’rests (at 32") and 5’/set, or 6x300m with 5’ rests (at 51,50,49,48,49,48).

Time for more speed though!!!

p.s.3 It’s an honor sharing experiences with you =D
Since my last journal here, I basically have been through one more life, so I’m not gonna go into everything, but just enjoy the spontaneity of writing here when I feel like it.

p.s.4 Your dunking is glorious.

I haven’t seen that sketch !! Stop hiding your art from me ! Heh

Throw in your thoughts here whenever you want !

I never really trained FOR the vertical jump, meaning I never really insisted on high tension band work, speed squatting, and upward plyometrics such as Depth Jumps etc. It’s always been horizontal, which is funny, because my vertical is higher quality than my relatively low dash speed.

I figured I would go with what I have and start training vertically …

Today I did a full warmup followed by 3x6 Medball throws (squat thrust backwards type), 5x10 5x20 hills of low intensity, 3x3 SLJ unmeasured (they didnt feel good).
Then Powersnatch from high hang and very short ROM, 5x3 @ 60kg. Fullsquats, 5x5 110kg.

That’s pretty impressive! You don’t look that tall either…

He’s 1m90cm !

Hey, it’s great to see both of you .
Thank you Silencer for appreciating what was never planned ( keeping the website going)
Stephanie thank you for your

Dah! :smiley:

Silencer, I don’t think you ever left… Welcome back anyway! :slight_smile:

Nik, it’s not “Dah!”, but “Duh!” :smiley: If you are going to maintain communication with me, for sure you must know how to use that specific exclamation correctly :stuck_out_tongue:

To slowly “cruise into” speed for this spring, yesterday I was doing 30min of drills followed by 60m sprints. (after doing a 30min long run in the morning and another 20min in the evening). > Yes, I’ve been kinda training like an 800m runnier for the past 5 months. For sure it has kept me out of any type of injury trouble.
Today I did a longggg warm up (30min running), and 40min of hurdle mobility with abs and push ups in between.
The “source” of my training program is in recovery mode these days (which goes against my “2.0 training”) but it’s a good opportunity to have some type of transition).

p.s. … I just finished my 12th espresso.

Stefanie needs intervention …

Tomorrow will be cool, dunk session and heavy upper body. League game cancelled and I’m prepared for a Hi day :slight_smile:

By the way if I can’t find a hoop I just jump over tall plants in Central Jerusalem

That one was scary… It’s got spikes all over it… lol…

… Now I’m on my 2nd glass of wine … Juggling with applications among North Carolina, Germany, Belgium, UK… for post doctorate positions.

I wish the Mediterranean was richer!!
I wish Israel was not in war.
I wish United States was not mind-isolated (Europeans can grasp my point)
I wish Australia was not so geographically-isolated.
I wish Japan did not have nuclear ‘accidents’.
I wish Greece was not in trouble.
I wish Italy was not so full of ‘complicated’ people.
I wish Northern Europe was not so cold
I wish England was not so rainy.
I wish distances would be easier-traveled.

I wish nights were longer =)

((Milano, 1:20am)))

8AM - Forest empty stomach walk, 60 minutes

Then some upper body work, incline bench 100kg 5x5 followed by AUX work. DB Bench, DB Row, Pulldowns close grip, and arms.

Dunk session was meh again, not a lot of pop in the legs … Soon it will be great. I’ll tell you what, dunking all alone is somewhat demotivating and boring.
Put a few spectators there, and perhaps a female (lol) and I’m jumping 10" higher. I have never jumped well all alone !

And beacuse it wasn’t great I did 5x200m and 5x100m tempo instead.

Today was cold weather training for me… (10degrees below medium temperature at this time of the year in Milan), 5x500m @ 1:40’ (trainers), with 2’ recoveries (ouch…) and then 6x100m fast relaxed. Tomorrow calls for speed stuff and a double session (nothing new this year, have no fear =) )

I’m craving milk.

AM - Forest walk, fasted, 60 minutes.

PM - Warmup (mobility, activation, hurdles)

  • Medicine ball throws
    1x6 reps rear thrust
    1x6 reps rear thrust with rebound step
    1x6 kneeling jump-throw forward

  • 8" Step speed hops, bilateral. Best was 15 jump@10 seconds. 4-5 sets.

  • Band speed full squat, 50-60kg + 45lb band tension ~

  • Full squat, 5x2 @ 130kg, focus on speed as much as possible

  • Goodmornings with a barbell, 110kg 3x5

Abs with a 10kg plate

Nice light session, got some of the pop back.
2 Ball pracs tomorrow, one with the team, and personal work with a major league guy when we’re done. That’s gonna be long :frowning:

Found a new pre workout combination … stuff works !

2 cans of MASTER CAFE and 3 packs of those milky kinder fingers… Hell yea

I’m kind of proud of today’s training (almost). Mostly because of the ‘ease’ that I felt, in 11 degrees Celsius, 88% humidity and drizzling:
6x150s w/2’ rests, then 5’ rest and then another 5x150s w/2’ rest and then a 300m in the end.
20, 22, 22, 22, 22, 22 (5’rest), 22, 22, 23, 22, 23 (4’ rest) 48 (blah but it’s ok).

Yesterday I didn’t do speed as planned because it was raining all day and I did a 50min run instead (haha I know… No comment).

Tomorrow I need to recover my leg inflammations (shins, feet, etc. Nothing serious, but I’ve been running a lot and I feel it…)

Silencer… Let’s have a deal. I send you Monsters, and you send me MASTER CAFE tiramisu !!! That looks mighty great =)))
(Milky kinder fingers, we’ve got =P )

p.s. I also did warm up and 30min of drills in the morning (on the grass).

I started the above drawing at 12 midnight last night and finished at 7am… I don’t know where the time went… Slept till 11:30am and then went for training:
I did 12x200s one big set, at 39" and 40-42" recovery-jogs, without too much suffering.
Then “transformation” 500m relaxed at 1:32.

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate today =)

What a nice painting ey ? You should be a heart surgeon…

FIRST OF ALL, started the session like that

THEN, onto a warmup, medball throws 4x6, box jumps onto pole vault mat 3x5, 20m block starts, these were crap… 5-6 sets.
Snatch, 60kg again for reps and a high hang, squat = low back pain so went home… getting a new mattress today !

Just when this day couldn’t get any worse… Nature sends a RANDOM TURTLE my way to rub my slowness in my face :frowning:
wtf ? SINCE WHEN DO TURTLES CROSS ROADS RANDOMLY OUT IN THE OPEN ? I thought you could only get them at the pet store…

That’s the fastest turtle I’ve seen -_-

AM - Upper body repetition weights.
Incline BB Bench- 4x6 225lb
Floor DB Presses, 4x8 with 44kg each hand.
BB Bent over row superset with upper back work, 4 sets here
Pullups, V piece, 25 reps total.
Shoulder complex… upwards, sides, everything.

PM -
10X100 on 17s ~, 50m jog rest.
2XStadium stair runs, half stadium per set.
1 hour walk.
1x400g burger.

Best part of any workout!