Shoulder injury

Simple question,
I have injured my shoulder which the physio has ruled out running and upperbody weights for at least 1 week. Now should i do body weight squats, calf raises and lunges? Or rest up completely?

Just rest - 1 week won’t kill you

bit of an edit now. out for 2 weeks, possibly more, will be seeing physio and getting x rays soon. should i do the squats, lunges and raises?

I’m no doctor, but maybe you needed the rest anyways - rugby is really tough…just something to think about

You cold do some body squats and calf raises, but if it is only a week or two. why push it.

i only have 6 weeks to go till my first meet, do u think there would be a problem if I took 2 weeks off? my training up till now has been strong and I’m feeling rather confidant about my form.

What is wrong with your shoulder? Why is the Dr. telling you two weeks? Sometimes you just have to listen to your Dr. But I dont see how doing body squats and lunges would hurt you. As long as you are doing them under control

Ummm… my doctor is my dad, cause hes a GP, its my physio who said I need to rest and keep away from sports, not because of the arm movement to do with running but because when I breath in heavily it pushes my top rib up and supposedly will hurt me. the problem is something to do with my muscle at the front of my shoulder being inflamed from something to do with the joint up there.its all a bit over my head, being 17 and all, I can’t match up to you guys who actually have been around the block and know stuff about phisiology etc.

Dont run. Just do a squat/ lunge body weight workout 3 times a week. Take the two weeks off from running. It wont kill you.