should the calf be worked for (charlie please)

I wanted to ask do you need to lift any weight for calf strength? I think that if you do it will make the calf too heavy and you will not be able to activate your hamstring as quick. How do you know when you have enough strength in your calfs. I know once you get enough I’m thinking if you are running you don’t have to lift on the calfs. Also I know the ankle is where the output is most so how do you work your ankle without working the calf to much so the calf will not become bulky.


Running in spikes is plenty for your calvess.

Charlie stated in “Training for Speed”, Calf mussculature and strength development is maintained via acutal sprinting with the exeption that EMS is rarely applied exept in injury rehab modes.
Note; 1. 500 watts of power generated at the ankle vs 3500 watts of power at the hip. 2. Calves must not be overdeveloped as excessive size can overweight the end of the leg lever and slow leg movement.

But how do you develop ankle strength without working the calf

The Calf is worked thu the actual sprinting itself and so id the ankle