should i stop lifting

Track “pre-season” starts in 11 days. Should I not lift at all next week and just stretch and run?

Keep lifting unless you are worried about overtraining. What exactly do you mean by pre season. You should be lifting weights all throughout your season except for right before your main competition. The only thing that will vary is the volume and intensity. Tell us a bit more about your overall training routine.

football is my main sport and the past off season i’ve been lifting for football. my first track meet isn’t for another month or so and in the mean time i’m gonna have spring break and “pre-season” which includes conditioning and what not. i want to be ready and not sore or what not by the time pre-season starts. so i was debating whether or not i should lift this week.

What kind of lifting routine are you following right now?

This may depend on you as an athlete.

I know certain athletes whom train hard right through the winter in the weight room and come the competition period, they lay right off the weights as to ‘freshen up’. (this method may seem un-orthodox to some but as we know, ‘if it works for them, we cant argue!’
Others keep weights going right through the season (as stated) just change the intensity/reps/volume etc.

Me personally, will train weights throught until june, (may/june will be light/fast movements with not alot of weight) then come off weights totally 2weeks before main competition. Through experience i find this works well for me, as have experimented with many different methods.

Through trial and error you may find the best method in reaching your peak performance. Also, is always good to keep a record for reference. That way you’ll know exactly how you did and what helped you to do so.

for the past month during the winter in the weight room I have been doing the following:
Monday (legs)
Single Leg Lunges-4x6 each leg
Calf Raises-4x12

Wednesday (push)
Bench Press-10x3
Incline DB Bench Press- 4x6
Military Press-4x6
Weighted Dips-2xFailure

Friday (pull)
Power Clean- 4x6
Stiff Leg Deadlift-4x6
Bent Over Barbell Rows- 4x6

How would I change the reps/ volume during track season?