Should i stick with 100 m?

Hello. my first post.

I’m a junior in high school. My main event is high jump.

Anyhow, the other day, in the morning, at 8am on sunday, after a workout, I clocked in 12.01, without a real warm-up, and in shitty nike prestos from 1999. The temprature was also like 58 degrees. And its barley pre-season, and I have so much technique I still have to learn. I’ve never ran in a race, just high jump. My uncle was a professional sprinter, or almost. I dont know. He ran 10.3 in the 100, 21 point something in the 200. He said I have a ton of room for improvement by watching a few sprints. I dont know if he is just trying to be nice, or what. I know I have room for improvement.

The question is, do you think its possible for me to break 11 seconds under the right conditions? Proper spikes, attire, warm-up, warm weather, plus in much better shape during season and most of all work much more on my drills.

Also, if breaking 11 is not reasonable, the results for last year I think where:
1st place- 10.9
2nd place- 10.98
3rd place- 11.04
4thplace- 11.2
5th place- 11.3

I know I have a strong shot on the high jump, so I Dont know if I Should focous on just high jump, or do you guys think there is a little bit of potential in the 100 for me?

Would appreciate advice

sounds like you have alot of room for improvement. I’d say go for it.

I asked a question like this before … You have to do what you love
Where do you think you will sucsses?HJ or 100?
For me I like the 100 its sexier If i was you I will chose the 100m
and I think you really have a ton of room for improvement .

Good Luck

Yes, you can totally improve to be able to run sub11s. But if you’re saying that with what you did last tiem(12.01) and if you wear spikes, proper warm up etc. I’d say getting under sub11s might be a little harder. You didn’t specify what your PRs for high jump was so i can’t really say. What i can tell you is, do the event that you enjoy the most. If you enjoy doing it, you are mostly likely to be better on it.

Yea, go for it I think you have a lot of potential & don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Thanx everyone. My PR for high jump is atleast 6’2". I’ve improved a lot since my sophomore year. I can hurdle straight over 5’3", so the jumping ability is there. I need to work on technique a lot.
That 12.01 time was without spikes, warmup.
I did it again last night without warming up at about 10:30 pm, and on a cd player(no stopwatch), I hit 12 seconds. Same conditions, no spikes, 5 minute warmup.
My uncle was there and he said things like just relaxing your jaws and taking all the tension out can improve as much as .3 seconds.
I’m going to go for it. High jump is my true love, but the 100 for some reason just seems like an event I want to try.

If I post a 50 meter sprint on video, can you guys point out some tips? I’m lucky I have an uncle who was a reasonably good sprinter, but he’s only gonna stick around for 5 days. So i’m going to try to absorb as much knowledge from him as I can. Thanx again

There you have it, you can focus on high jump, but at the same time you may also improve your 100m through the plyo work that you do for high jump. I may be clueless about jumping, but i’m pretty sure jumpers get a lot of plyo work done.