Should I make a full recovery from this?

Got my knee problem diagnosed from an x-ray yesterday, 7 years after it originally started bothering me. X-ray shows a horizontal tear about 1 inch long in the cartilage on the front, inner side of the bottom of the femur. The surgeon said immediately it should be fixed with some screws. Is this the sort of thing that you can make a full recovery from, or are there likely to be problems?

If you want to avoid surgery try this protocol: Make sure you ask the doctor the long term and short terms effects of surgery.

Injections (8 week cycle)

  1. Gerotival H3 amp 1-2 per day EOD
  2. Thymus amp (thym-uvcol) EOD
  3. SAMe amp 1-2 per day EOD
  4. B12 Inj 3x per week
  5. Pentosan Vet (2ml everyday 1ml maintenance per week)

Consequine (vet glucasamine)
Diclofenac anti imfamm.
Dhea 25-100mg per/day
folic acid

Lidocaine gel
Ibugel forte 10% (ibrofren gel)

ART treatment followed by a Prolotherapy treatment Mark Darrow considered the best out of La…uses lidocaine and dextrose to grow back tendons cartilage tissues.

U2U me for further info…