Short yardage times...

Can any one shoot me some times for the 10 yard and the 20 yard that are respectable times for someone who would run a high 10 100m? I have Pb of 1.40 in the 10 and 2.50 and just need something to base off of. Btw these are on grass and handtimed, so the times are off some, given whatever your personal opinion on how much faster hand is than electronic.


It would be very difficult to get an accurate time for 10yd using a stop watch.

I have ran in the 1.4’s constantly and the 2.5’s constantly, so I just wanna see a few other peoples decent times to see where I am at.

I have only run three ever and my time averaged out to be 2.65. The timer wasn’t great, however, so I bet that is faster than I really ran them. I run an 11.7. I’m sure your timing is more accurate, so don’t let that get you down. lol.

I run low 11’s and have touched high 10’s.

obviously my 20 time is very innacurate then.

May not be, I run better at full than accelerating.

well my 40 is usually around 4.7 so i would guess my 20 is closer to 2.8. but i made no calculations to get that, just a rough estimate.