Short to long training

I have been away for a long time; so to all the people from 2 years ago. aloha
anyway, I suffered an inj. torn quad, and have been in rehab and slowly coming back. but I am ready.
here is my problem:
my big race is in 13 or 14 weeks
I am in pretty good shape, and my overall speed is OK. Flying 30’s in 3.1’s
I was re-reading the forum and I am considering doing a short to long starting with flying 20’s my week would look something like this
M-flying 20’s 10-20 Wts Legs
T-tempo 200’s 5-8
W-flying 20’s 10-20 Wts-Upper
Th-tempo 200 again
Sat. 5-8x60’s or 2-3x100

Is this too simple and too much flying 20’s. I would increase to 30’s then 50’s.

any thoughts??

I suppose we are talking about 100 m here (?). Why straight to flying 20s and twice per week, since this is your strongest point, as you say? Are you planning for any acceleration work? Any strength work along with it? Why extending flyings up to 50 m?

I would look long-term as well and work backwards from main competition days.
Hope it helps!

Thanks for responding. I go to the 20 & 30’s because it seems to be a good starting point for me.
What are your suggestions for acceleration & strength work?
I extending the flying up to 50 based on what I read in the forum.
I am not sure what my strongest point is right now?
any suggestions?

It’s only logical and as the title of your thread suggests to start with some acceleration work as your emphasis rather than top speed work -which can still be employed, but to a lesser extent.

More specifically some short hill work would be a good starting point -or appropriate resistance work in case of a lack of hills in your area.

If the purpose of your flyings is top speed development, I would go as far out as 20 m -you can always increase the build-up distance to it to increase intensity, if and when needed.

Hope it helps!

very good. I will have one day of accl./hill work and then the other the flying 20’s for top speed.
with the tempos in between for the next few weeks.