short to long SPP2 ? help


please can someone help me plan the session in a short to long in spp2 after the initial 12 week speed pregression training in spp1 i Know that charlie talks about distances of 6-80m but what about no. of runs and rest periods??

After SPP1 you have precompetitive and competitive phase.After transition,GPP2 and SPP2 and so on…sorry maybe i didn’t get what your are asking…do you mean what dopoing after SPP1 ? Or how would be your SPP2 (after Gpp2)?

Do you have the graphs in the back of Forum Review’02 Ebook? The graph on plyometrics has the loading mapped out below it. The loading will follow a similar pattern of volume to SPP1 all you need to do is alter the distances. Look through these graphs and have a go yourself. Post an example for a 12 week cycle based on your best guess and we will look through it and give you some feedback.

Alternativly get a consult with Charlie himself by filling out the form on the front page.



hey TC thanks for getting back,

I take it that going on what you said from spp1 instead of doing 3x3x60m you xcan ibcrease it to 80m etc

what about recoveries do you go back to incomplete recoveries i.e mon _+ Friday special endurance 3.5 min 4.5 mis etc build ing to complete recoveries of 15 mins?

im a bit confused as the body by the end of spp1 is used to full recoveries is it normal to start over again with higher distances?

and what about the flying zone stuff what happens there do the distances change?

your help is greatly appreciated