short tempo

Whit football guys I usually prescibe tempo runs of 40y for big fella and 60-80, occasionally 100 for skill players.
In track I use mostly 100m, however I recently tried some 50m after 8-10 100m, and I like them very much.
the speed is higher, the legs are more brillant, it and the recovery is good:it’s not speed, but I find them more enjoyable, and, up to now, haven’t found counterinications for a100m guy or a long jumper.
For other specialists i feel more 200m tempos are required.
Using something like 6x100, 4x100, 6x50 in my tempo session, do I miss somthing? (then I add some med ball circuits and so on)

for football we usually did 100 and 200 the first couple weeks then 100 and 80 from there.

for football I don’t like longer distances, but I start with shorter then progress to longer.same thing with the speed component.
In my post I’d like to have opinions on short tempo (50-60m) in track.I believe PJ had a short tempo plus med ball day in one of his programs (lactate threshold thread)

i have used 60m tempos in the winter beacuse the weather was very cold this year(i think you would agree with me :slight_smile: ).
I use also 50m tempos sometimes.But here the purpose was only to speed up/stimulating the recovery.
I think you should use an heartbeat monitor(so you can see what effect a 60-100-200m at a x speed would have) and at the same time ask yourself why are you doing tempos on that particular day.

theres no reason to build ur tempo distance start at high vol and very low intensity its for recovery no need to treat it like speed,

Yes, but want to get them started gradually, many of them come from no running for a couple of months or more when I get them.
Fulcrum, as a recovery session I find shorter tempo after longer more enjoyable, leaving your legs more “lively” yet refreshed for the hard work to come on the following day, whereas after a classical tempo session they are more " doomed".

i agree with you somewhat, but just like cf said on the gpp dvd the tempo may feel very hard but they dont fatigue you like speed. that said your legs may feel doomed but still has plenty left in them.

For one reason or the other I had to use both short and long. Nothing wrong with 50-60 m especially during certain parts of the competitive season. Work can be compensated by other means, as you originally suggested. Also, consider running/jogging/walking as an alternative.
Hope it helps!

I have used 30m tempo runs,and found them useful too,if used correctly…

How would one use them correctly?

Keeping an eye well open on the intensities and the numbers!

Russian protocols “targeted to the creation of mitochondria around fast twitch fibers” recommend:

75%-85% Intensity Range
<5" Single rep duration
<40 Total number of reps (in sets of <10)
50" Rest Interval between Reps
5’ Rest Interval between Sets

The above is a rough translation from Professor V.N. Seluyanov’s articles.

Some time ago, pakewi introduced me to this very concept. Applied appropriately -I want to believe- to the plan of a long-distance runner, it proved quite successful! :slight_smile:

Thanks Nik,your success proves you right,not necessarily the concept itself, you may well confidently believe in your choices!

I believe it depends on what you are training for,short tempo fine if you training for football, soccer etc, I find longer tempo such as 200 meters are very benificial for those who intend on recovering from a sprint session the day before. even extencive tempo used instead of a speed session for 200 meters in say 24 or 25 seconds are great for your speed endurance. very beneficial for an australian rules player.

what football are we talking about here? is there no endurance involved?
Football here in australia, in the term of things, aint that fast. They are big guys and the real big ones produce a lot of hit up power for sure, but really, the real fast guys would be lucky to run under 11. Running wise, they would be more suited to say 800m training, speed and endurance, speed around 11s and endurance like the ability to run 10x400ms with short recoverys. And weights like a sprinter for that hit up power.
But thats football in australia.