Short tempo runs.

My main focus in training is improving my 100m time but when doing tempo I much prefer something like:
or even

If I don’t do workouts like 35100 or 25150 and instead stick to the above schemes will this be detrimental to my training?

Depends on speed etc. Can we see a sample week (including times or time equivalents if possible)

Thanks for the reply. A typical optimal week during GPP might look like:

Monday: 42200 in around 35 seconds apiece with 40s breaks and a walkback break in the middle. This is around what I figure 75% is right now, since tempo is on grass, in flats, and I haven’t been doing 200 specific endurance. All the below times will be what I am capable of now and right around what I figure 75% is for the distance. The last one usually feels like I’m running the given distance at about 90% from completely fresh.

Tuesday: 8*(20 BW squats, 20 BW lunges), rest 60s 2*same

Wednesday: 600,500,400,300,200,100

Thursday:23300 with 45-50s rest in 1:05-1:08

Friday: OFF

Saturday: 9*30m speed on grass

Sunday: 5*400 in around 1:20 apiece.

I say an optimal week because recently I haven’t been able to train six days a week and my distances have also not been exact since I haven’t been doing tempo in the infield of a track most of the time.

As I enter SPP tempo will be 3 times a week and speed/weights will be 3 times a week. The times for tempo will stay about the same and the question is whether the distances can stay the same or whether I should concentrate more on the shorter stuff.

I don’t see too much of a problem doing longer tempo runs. It will probably help you, especially if you run the 200. I don’t see how it would hurt. Maybe you shouldn’t do long tempo EVERY day, but maybe 1 short day, 1 medium day (200-300m reps) and one long day (300m and over) might work.

But, listen to Charlie, he knows more than I do.

Looks good Pete! A possible modification might be integrating Tuesdays session into tempo days using ‘mini-circuits’ performed 1-3 times per week after or around the tempo work-outs.

Tuesday could be devoted to work similar to Saturday, in preperation for SPP.

Just a suggestion…