sheiko or westside

If you were a powerlifter and had to choose between the two, which would you pick? Westside is popular and everything and is a good program but the more I learn about Boris sheiko the more i like his program. Just wondering what everyone else thinks…?

It’s apples and oranges really man. I have used both, and i personally like westside more. I had pretty good results using sheiko, but there is no question, that i have been at my strongest, whenever i have been using some form of westside. My main reason i like westside, is because it allows me to know where i am at strength wise, week after week.

yeah i can understand that…Lately ive been thinking on the volume of ME lifts for westside might be too much for a drug-free lifter. How would you think the effect of the training would change if the the sets were dropped to 5-8 as opposed to the 8-12 sets…

I don’t think the training effect would change much. I believe Joe Defranco recommends between 5-10 sets on ME work.

Excuse me if I sound ignorant, but isnt the 8-12 sets applying to the DE day rather then the ME day? To my understanding, as far as ME work, there are only 2-4 working sets.

never heard that

Yeah your right. But if you count all your sets while you “work up”, then you should have atleast 5-10sets. That’s what i meant.