Setting up workouts from November to end of March, ideas?

Alright, I’ve been thinking a bit lately, and I’m just not sure if what im doing will get me to where I need to be for the 100m.

I’ve been really just doing this(NOTE: weight workouts NOT shown):

Accel dev. monday
Speed endurance wednesday
Max Velocity Friday

My latest workouts for each have been:

Accel dev: 10/20/30/40/50/50/40/30/20/20
Speed Endurance: 100/100/100/150
Max Velocity: (flying sprints with 30m light accel) 3x20/5x30

I havent timed my 100m yet, but unless I’ve burned myself out, I might get 11.5 possibly…but 11.3 is my goal by track season at end of march/april

But really, my ONLY plan of training is to just follow the sprinting template shown above, except I would just add total volume to 1-3 of the days every week but vary the distances and volumes every week.

I pretty much have 20 weeks left to train. According to everything I just said, maybe someone can help me generally preplan my workouts for the next 20 weeks(the 20th being right before season start)?

I plan to sprint only mondays,wednesdays,and fridays.

If anymore info is needed, just ask and ill gladly tell you.



Anyone please?


Oh, actually, I mean like a monthly template of what to do each month. Like for example:

Monday: Accel dev
Wednesday: Speed endurance
Friday: Max Velocity

Monday: Accel dev
Wednesday: Speed endurance
Friday: Max Velocity

Something along those lines I guess. But keep in mind ive been using the template just mentioned for september and october, even though outdoor track is around late march. anyone please?

We’ll be covering this in the Vancouver Workshop at the end of November.

Ah alright, please tell me some good key points and info learned and discussed then. :slight_smile:

Oh, by the way, just as of this point now, maybe you could me just at least get a general monthly template for november up til end of march? I have 3 possible sprint workout day slots each week, and I was thinking of going along the lines of keeping the same template for a whole month but varying volumes and distance every workout, and then switching up the template for another month and following this plan up until the end of march.

What do you think?

A number of forum members will be attending the workshop. So, I assume that there will be some good discussion on-line after the workshop.

Alright, I cant wait to hear about it.

Maybe you can give me your own views on how i should set up my monthly templates specifically for months november to march(just pretty much generally what im doing mondays wednesdays and fridays, my sprinting days, of each week of the month), and then after the discussion i can compare my template with what is discussed at the workshop and make changes accordingly? Like i just need to know what ill generally be doing mondays, wednesdays, and fridays for the designated given month,so like generally ill be doing the same sort of workouts for a month, then the next month the template will change and ill be doing different sort of workouts for that month. For example, mon-accel/wed-flying/fri-accel for november then mon-flying/wed-accel/fri-flying for december etc etc…those are just examples not what ive come up with, but you get the point i hope. Its just that I could really use a monthly template for now to at least learn more about 100m template setups and how to go about making them for myself.


Anyone else?

If you want to get to your goal of 11,3 only in March, I won’t reccomend doing Speed Endurance as yet. Start off with 2 Speed days per week - one, acceleration, the other pure speed - and plan it progressively: 20m acceleration and flying 20m’s first, after that progress to 30m, then to 50m then to 60m. When you are ready to run a fast 60m, you are ready to start with speed endurance as well (80m, 110m, 120m, 150m).

Furthermore - to do the same thing for a month, can be a bit boring! For speedwork you can do a whole session on rhythm exercises or starts as well. It doesn’t have to be the same thing all the time.

Plan and enjoy!!

Ahhh, so I should stop Speed Endurance as of now. Hmmm.

Wait, so are you saying as of now I should be sprinting only two times a week, mondays acceleration and fridays max velocity ?

But see, I have this problem. I just dont know how to plan it progressively! I would love to be able to just pre plan all of my workouts, or at least get a general idea of what im doing weekly up until march since you said doing the same thing for a month is gonna get boring(i dont know if you knew that i was gonna be varying distances and such, but i think you’re still right)_

When you say “progress to 30m, then to 50m then to 60m.”, you mean for flying sprint distances right?

And when you said “When you are ready to run a fast 60m, you are ready to start with speed endurance as well”, you meant just a regular 60m sprint, not a flying 60m sprint, correct? Also, when do you assume will be the right time to start speed endurance, approximately?

Hey, not to be of a burden here, but with all of that above in mind, maybe you could help me at least pre-plan my sprint workouts for the month of November, so i can get a good idea of how to plan my workouts and where to progress from there?


I am curious as to what your rationale is for this given his relatively low level of performance?

(UnlimitedSpeed, I am not trying to insult to your current level of speed) :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t Speed and strength Endurance work give him a great deal of benefit at his level considering he is probably in speed end phase for over 70 meters of the 100m?

Do you think all the other elements (base strength, endurance etc) are in place given his description of workouts?


why no speed endurance?

He will get a LOT better results from increasing general ftiness and strength. Why would he be doing SE THIS early in the season? SE is dependent on the speed it is run in and without a complete training base, he is not going to get the best results he can get.