sets, reps, intensity, and what they do

I think my idea of sets, reps, and intensity may be a little off. If you guys could help me out we could all have a better shared understanding.

Does the amount of reps determine a combination of the amount of muscle fiber recruited and the size?

Does the amount of sets reinforce the purpose of the reps, until a point (fatigue)?

Does intensity determine how fast fatigued is reached, overall taxing, and strength potential?

For example if you are doing 3 sets of 2 reps (3x2) of a certain exercise at a set intensity, will the reps achieve an increase in individual size and a minimal increase in # of fibers. And will the sets increase the extent of what the size, and # of fibers is increased.

This is what I was able to put together on this idea. What are your thoughts (hurtful or not).

You should read Poliquins Modern trends - reps and sets! Everything you want to know!
Zatsiorky is also great read

Exactly. Poliquin’s book Modern Trends in Strength Training really goes into depth of how these three factors work together. It will answer all the questions you’ve asked and much more. <<—theres a nice little chart and some good info here

Nice link … thanks for the info :D.

Good link, they have the deadlift under the quadricep exercises tho. An Easy read nontheless.