Sets of exercise

How do you determine the sets of exercise that you perform in a session? I’ve skimmed through CFTS over and over and i dont find it mentioned anywhere. Do you just set a certain number of it? Or is there a way to calculate the number of sets you do?

There’s not really a rule, but like in sprinting there is a critical threshold where performance suffers so if you have a goal repetition range and a goal number of sets, if your reps drop below that range then you should stop. Of course this is not considering any other training variable.

i see, so its kinda like AREG training?

If you are utilizing auto regulatory methods than you will be using math/% drop offs to place parameters on sets

Otherwise, with respect to power development training parameters you may refer to Prilepin’s chart which is as follows:

Power Development Loading Parameters (A.S. Prilepin)

%1RM Reps per Set Optimal Total Reps Rep Range
55-65 3-6 24 18-30
70-75 3-6 18 12-24
80-85 2-4 15 10-20
>90 1-2 7 4-10

Prilepin’s chart has worked great for me. As a sprinter I would advise erring to the lower side of the volume scale. Also the more types of escercises you do the less sets of each you would do.