Serious help needed!!!

Hey guys,

I found out recently that my local track is going to be refurbished.
This means that i am only going to be able to fit in 1 track session per week max (due to travelling distances) from september to april with my season starting in march:mad: !!!
I know, therefore, that my times this year are going to be rubbish without regular track sessions and i can kiss a good performance in the welsh champs goodbye but i was just wondering what would be the next best thing to track work. Ive got access to beach, weights room, grass pitch etc and will look to train 5/6 times a week. Any help with this would be great!


Perhaps you need to use weights as your form of hard CNS work, you could do tempo on grass as well as accelerations up to 30m maybe.

Not sure about the beach - I use it when I go for walk with the current girl (who is no longer currect girl)

It is a start

this post makes me realize how lucky I am to be surrounded by dozens of tracks all within half an hour.

amazing however that my school doesn’t have one yet. However, we will soon enough.