Self-Myofascial Release

Does anyone use foam rollers for self-myofascial release? I use and love it (especially for the IT band, piriformis and low back).

What does everybody else think of this technique?

If you do not have access to a physio or trainer or coach to do this, then it is a good substitution. I have seen the foam roller used as well as a knobby-ball (which I have no clue what it is called) for this.


I use the foam roller usually after lifting sessions (so 2-3x/wk). I do it for 30sec. each exercise. The muscles I use it for are gluts, piriformis, quads, hamstrings, IT band, low back, rhomboids and lats (in that order.

Do you see anything wrong with what I’m doing? Is there a better way?

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Does anyone use foam rollers for self-myofascial release?

check out:

check out their download guide. I go regularly to the “Stanford” Myofacial Institute… but I don’t use the foam roller.

Clemson- i use the foam roller after lifting b/c the roller is in the weight room so it is easy. i do it for 30 sec. b/c the muscles seem to be relaxed about at that time. i use it on athletes and weekend warriors. i roll at a slow pace. i’m going to take your advice and not use it for upper extremity work. it’s really not worth it.

Fjlee- thanks for the site and the download. that is definitely a better guide then what PerformBetter gives with the foam rollers.

thanks a lot Clemson.

i have a StretchStation by True Stretch (and Gary Gray) at my gym. we also have a StretchMate. it was out before the StretchStation but uses a thick bungee cord material instead of the metal poles. and it is a little cheaper then the StretchStation.

okay guys, after I posted the article/link, I went out and purchased the foam roller (large 6" dia). I use it mainly for the IT band, and glutes/periformus.

It works amazing (I did not realize my IT band was so tight), though I still prefer the tennis ball for the glutes.

Moreover, for long car rides (i.e. stuck in traffic) a smaller squash ball or racketball works wonders.

Maybe I should invest in those “wooden roller seats” that cab drivers use? with magnets?

Other ideas? (the cheaper the better)

Could a rolling pin be used to do this?

OK. Does the firmness of the object especially matter though if it is foam? Could I just buy one of those fun noodles that people fight with eachother in the pool with?

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Could a rolling pin be used to do this?

i believe charlie actually recommended this in a thread on the old board, but only for the hamstrings.

I believe Charlie meant that the rolling pin was better than nothing. It certainly does not compare with profesional service.