Self Myofascial release

i gave this a go on the weekend using the foam rollers, and experienced pleasure/pain in my calves like never before, perhaps even moreso than manual manipulation via trigger points and the like…

anyone else tried this or have an thoughts on its value/place in the training programme…

There are some posts in the archives on SMR

How do you place pressure on the calf with foam rollers…this is suspect!

when i said calf, i was reffering to the gastroc, although all the musculature of the lower leg (apart from tibialis which didnt seem to work well) can be done by subtle angle changes

this is from the website (not sure how much cred these guys have)

couldnt find a pic for teh gastroc, but this is close enough, simply imagine the roller further towards the heel

Wouldn’t you have to use your hip extensors in order to apply sufficient pressure to the gastrocs?? I’m confused too. I can’t see how you could get enough ‘weight’. Either that or your calves are close to implosion and even a brush of the trouser leg was making them hurt :slight_smile:

I was going to say the same thing DCW23…if the rollers was under his ass I could see the wight of the torso and hips being enough, but the weight of a part of a lower leg is not enough pressure. Thanks for catching that post. I would use microstretching for the calf and roll other movements.