Schroeder and Davies Join Forces? says that Jay Schroeder and Coach Davies are forming an alliance. I can’t believe it.

Me either. They always seemed to be diametrically opposed really.

Sounds like a “we’ll makes lots of money” idea :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

5 mins Isometric single Squat holds on a skate board …

LOL…this is got to be a joke. I’ve never seen two more contrasting views of training all of sudden join forces. I wish Jay would have teamed up with the westside guys, now that would have been something worthwhile.

and doing the “bear” with two kettlebells while jumping rope on a swiss ball…

I agree, this is laughable. I suspect that we will have to pay for these training secrets, and join the “inner circle”? I wonder if there is more endless talk-no substance articles in there?

Maybe some one legged kettlebell good mornings on a wobbleboard will make their way into EvoSport programs?

This is odd - I’ll be interested to see where this partnership goes.