Scar Tissue Recovery

About a week n a half ago I went to a prospect basketball camp, played about 18 hours of basketball in 48 hours, whille stretching before each session, none the less i became weaker after this camp, taking almost 5 days to recover my entire body, however my hamstrings developped scar tissue, it became extremely tight despite stretching after workouts. Do any of you guys have ideas to recover this faster, I’ve noticed my hamstrings have become weaker and my vertical jump is down significantly, hopefully temporary. Any suggestions? I read about microstretching and that might work, any ideas would be great.

Are you sure its scar tissue? Have you seen a Chiro or Physio? You might need more rest time and plenty of hydration wouldn’t hurt.

It’s possible you developed scar tissue in the hamstrings. It can form from overuse; injury in the normal way we think of it does not have to take place for it to occur. If you are sure that is what you have, you need to seek someone out who can break it down and relieve the tension in your hamstrings.

Scar tissue doesn’t really recover like a sore muscle would. It’s now part of the muscle structure, and no amount of time will heal it. Stretching will help. But you need ART to break it down and some massage to work out tension.

PNF will help pre-workout and static stretching post-workout. I have found that PNF works well pre-workout to get the muscle to function better when scar tissue is present. It doesn’t change the characteristic of the tissue, but my best guess is it has to do with the nervous system and muscle firing.

hmmm thanks, physio is out of the question, especially with the costs attached to it, would a personal IFC machine possible do the trick (Dr. Ho if you’ve heard about it, not really IFC but kinda)? I can begin doing PNF today as well as static, it’s just becoming a complete bitch because im noticably weaker when jumping and dunking.