Salazar 5K/10k training

Salazar does advocate a ladder approach for training.

Long runs (18 miles), every sunday, alternates hard, easy paces every other week.

threshold runs (4-6 miles), every 10-14 days

long intervals (1000-1600), ex: 6x1600; 6-8x1200 (iive seen 6x1600 break 10x200 done in Feb). These are his predictor workouts.

medium intervals (600-800, sometimes 6 4 3 2), 8x800; 3-4x (600, 400, 300, 200)

short intervals (200s, 200m hills). 10x200 hills, 10x200 flat (so 20x200)

Ive heard him talk about 120 miles weekly with Farah, and uses Alter G and HydroWorx underwater treadmills to reduce pounding.

He uses 2 6 week interval segments yearly for a double periodization (indoor, outdoor) and does 2, 2-week rests after each cycles major comps.

He also uses a jump test to address muscle imblance and uses varous single leg exercises (lunges, ste ups etc) to address it.

Possibly doing by looks of it, a Lydiard type program?

From the Lydiard text, it’s a bit different. More concurrent during the 6 week phases. Tweeting Lagat, he does things very similar, but with half the mileage, peaking between 60-80 miles/week.

Lagat doesnt need the high volume anymore, after so many yrs running, his aerobic system would be maxed. All he needs is to maintain his aerobic work, hence lower volume.
Im sure one would find, in lagats early days, plenty of yrs over 100mile wk.

A more concurrent program, that sounds more like Seb Coe. Very similar to Lydiard, except it being more concurrent.

The principles are the same though, which is pretty cool.

That is WAY off base regarding Lagat. Lagat has NEVER been high mileage. According to a Track and Field News interview, he has hit 90 miles one time in his life when running with Abdi. Dr. Li and Lagat have been very strong about him not running much volume but running it fast and there are multiple references. In truth, he has rarely run much more the 50mpw in his own words, and he does not believe in volume, PERIOD. Mileage fanatics make always seem to make things up about Lagat’s training because they don’t want to face up to what he has done while always running “low” mileage to a distance runner. But as Lagat says, his training has always been open and does the same things. A couple of years ago when he started to emphasize 5000 more, he did NOT go to more mileage. He went to more intervals. Lagat’s training has always been the consummate example of why mileage fanatics are full of you-know-what.

At the end of March, following indoor track season, he rests for another week or two. Then, in April, he heads to Flagstaff, Ariz., for six weeks of high-altitude training. This is where he builds his workload to roughly 70 miles per week—if that. Many elite runners cover more than 100 miles per week. Not Lagat. This past year, he said, he maxed out at about 65 miles. For him, training is about intensity. Volume is overrated.


British Milers Club Journal Spring 2009, p.23 (total training breakdown from Dr. Li showing less than 50mpw all year–and Lagat won double medals that year)

There is FlotRack video of Lagat doing 10x600 in november and saying over the training year the speeds increase for this workout (done on a golf course). This must be in one of the 10 week blocks.

I remember him saying that he did a lot more stuff like 10X600 and 8X700 since moving to 5000. The only thing I wonder about is the timing. Lagat takes 5 weeks couch potato off, and week 1 ended on 9/28 according to his twitter. Now, if you’re the coach and you had a guy taking 5 weeks off and ending that at the end of October, would you really be going to 10X600 in November (unless they start as tempo)?

Was early December.

Galen Rupp workout videos,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=3266efb6d9a31251&biw=1024&bih=649

Check out the first few links.

I would like to point out, that both Lydiard and Seb coe base training examples.
Lydiard liked to hit 100 mile, but only held that for like 4-6 wks before volume started to drop. And drop it did…
Coe guys, typically only hit 100km Max, again, only for short periods.

Lydiard seems known as long slow distance, which is total B.S. Even in them 100 mile Weeks, it was more, long n fast. Plus they always ran Sprint sessions once every week.

I’m personally a fan of interval based work.
One can still do a pure aerobic workload interval set, eg Tempo and many other plans.
But there are certain principles involved I’m sure they all follow.

100km week is still a lot. ESP if you have one or two days off a week.

Plus, I have seen programs, where easy recovery runs are Not included in weekly training totals.

I personally use time taken during the week.
Eg, On a deload week, 3hrs total
Normal week, 4 - 4.5 hrs

In base, I try to reach 10hrs, but only really managed 7-8 hrs.
Mostly because, 50% of my training is running circuits (push ups, sit ups etc) included

Compare this to typical runners, I can run at about 14-15 km hr for a 1hr + jog.
So at 10hrs, that’s the same as 140-150 km over 10hrs.
So, 5hrs is similar to 70 ish km. (but due to stopping for reps or push ups etc, I’m only hitting 40ish km wk ATM.

I’m just showing examples of what can be seen.
Sure lagat as you say does about 1/3 rd less volume in km or miles, but, time in training would possibly be the similar.

To note, I’m not that familiar with his actual training.
I do know a crap load if Coe n Lydiard and what I do. (but I’m no world beater…)

Just like Charlie has certain Principles to develop a sprinter, and most sprinters programs can be totally different due to strength and weaknesses and other reasons.
Same with principles of endurance.

Please note, these are just my observations from afar.
I like looking at others programs and finding certain similar principles. Or a new completely different program (that works on more than just one, but on plenty, like Charlies)