sacroiliac joint issue...

Ok I have a very tight SI joint.

I plan on taking out squats and deadlifts until the issue is resolved. Should I also take out high intensity running and just stick to doing tempo work? Should I avoid all running?

I plan on visiting a chiropractor once a week until it loosens up. And of course lots of stretching.

If anyone can suggest anything else that would be greatly appreciated!

Try to get soft tissue work done before your visit to the chiro. It will help the adjustment “hold” longer.


Your legs are very bunched up in the fascia and that carries up tightness thru the pelvis and buttocks. Also, your psoas and illiacus are also bunched up so the muscles that link the lower torso to the legs are jamming the legs and torso together. The outside of the thighs and legs and adductor-psoas combination are key but the hamstrings and lower legs are participating. To understand structural integration a lot more, see my home page right side menu, scroll to just below the testimonials - see olympic athlete and other testimonials - and read the next four articles on sports medicine, athletic performance and fixing accumulated shortness.

The info is free and this system is better than just localized fascial manipulation - as you will read.

pigoen pose… piriformis

worked like charm on my frozen sacroilial, combined with chiro work

I’m all over the pigoen pose like a fat kid on a smartie. Along with visiting the chiro there is aready improvment.

How long did it take to get back to ‘normal’?

By the time I went, the joint had been frozen for about a month and hurt like hell. I noticed immediate improvement after seeing the chiro and having him crack me around and do ART for it. The problem recurred every couple weeks (less intensely) so I went back to the chiro one a week or every other week probably for 6-8 weeks, but the problem was mostly solved after only a few visits.

Since then I have not experienced the issue again, even when I forget to do the pigeon pose and stretch the IT’s. If I feel even a hint of tightness, the extra stretching does the trick and I have not found that I needed to keep going back to the chiro for an extended period.

What is the pigeon pose?

I can see from your picture that your thighs and pelvis, while very strong, have built up shortness in the fascia of the whole area and that is holding the lower back area very tight. Whether you try stretching or the hands on Structural Integration, it seems obvious to my trained eye that you should lengthen this whole area. A tip is to lengthen the lower legs, too, and stretch all around the sides of the whole leg and pelvis, and do leans to each side to stretch the inner pevic and abdominal muscles as well as the abdominal wall, sides and back. It will take a lot of stretching over time and being in a hot bath before stretching will help. The hands-on is faster but because of your large powerful size that will take a number of hours.

If the pigeon pose and chiropractor are helping very good, it adds to the stretching.