Reverse leg press. should I use the same reps/sets as squat and bench?
Or isn’t that the right type of exercise to go low rep and heavy?

yes, i use the same %iles that I use when working on any other exercise routine, be it upper or lower. ie, 4 sets of 8-6-6-4 reps all increasing in intensity (weights amount go up) or depending what phase i am in my periodization (usually GPP), I will also do very light weight and many reps, as my circuit training.

for me it seems like it can be too tough on the hamstrings when I do them heavy… like 80% 1rm 3-4 rep
but I really dont know if the exercise I think is reverse leg press, actually IS reverse leg press…(always been confused on that) on the pic I see that the guy have bent leg, but I do the exercise with straight leg - it feels good though so I may do something correct.

Do ppl here do “fitness exercises” low rep and heavy too? like behind neck press and rows and biceps and other dumbell exercises…

Can reverse leg press be done if you don’t have a stand or something to hold onto to keep your body somewhat vertical.