Running with long tights

Does running with long tights slow you down. During indoors most of my team members like to wear long blue tights and I was just wondering will it slow you down any. FYI indoor season here gets pretty cold.

Hell no. During OUTDOOR season, here in ARIZONA, I wore long tights every meet because we had 2-piece outfits with daisy dukes so after I got my tights for a cold meet up in the Mts. I never ran without them again. I actually like running with them, personally.

But, no, they don’t slow you down.

Do you train indoors or outdoors. What do you wear under your long tights… short tights…ect. First answer these questions and they we will go from there.Also what do you wear outside your tights? Sweat pants. Wind breakers. Im sure those of us in cold climates might be able to give some suggestions. Also has anyone seen the legwarmers HSI uses. Go around the calf?

Mind don’t cause too much sweating. I wear spandex tights under and our nylon shorts over. Thoughts, Tim?

Im not sure. charlie?

The only thing I know about training on very cold days is. If you leave your sweat pants on too. You can run faster during speedwork. keep in mind I have done workouts at 30-50 degrees before. I found that if I just had spandex on I would be too cold/tight for the workout. Once the cold air hits your muscles its over. My highschool coach who was national coach of the year used to tell me…laneo if its windy out then you dont have these guys train. But if its 45 degrees and no windy its trainable. Any thoughts.

I train outdoors and I mean just wearing them in competition not practice. Sometimes I where my track shorts over them sometime track shorts under.

Lets see if charlie can post on this one.