Running a meet sick?

I have been sick with the flu since the 27th of December. Starting to recover now and managed my first workout yesterday. I wanted to run a meet this Sunday (50 meters) and was wondering if you guys thought I should?

It is only a training meet and I haven’t done any on track work since before Xmas.

I just want to get as many races in as I can before march (Masters Championships)

Thoughts appreciated :slight_smile:


As you havn’t trained since Dec 27th i think you would get more out of staying at home and doing a training session than you would running a training race cos you can get more volume of training from a full session than you would in a race. Plus if you’re not in top shape the worst thing to do psychologically is run a bad race.


I started feeling a little sick during the train-ride to a competition once, and while the competition itself went fine I coughed badly for a couple of weeks afterwards, which has never happened before or since.
The coughing would start whenever I ran at full intensity.

I am about 85% I would think.

It is only a 50 meter race so I will probably only take 2-3 breaths for the whole thing LOL :slight_smile:

I have been able to do a bit of weights. (Light oly’s jump squats etc) since the 27th of Dec so I feel pretty explosive.

I’ll wait and see how the rest of the week goes :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat Chris but with a grotty cold - if by chance i have recovered by thursday I might do it - just as a training session - the thing to be considered most is how its gonna affect us afterwards and will it affect the preparation for the meets we do care about ?

I’m not too bothered about losing ( I got used to that last year lol ) but in my case 3 x 50m from blocks under comp conditions and possibly running faster than i should ( rising to the occassion when i should be recovering ) might knacker me/you for the following weeks training - hard decision - ( and I haven’t helped you one bit :rolleyes: )

At least we are in the same predicament haha!

I think I am going to run it. My important meet isnt till March so this shouldn’t hurt. Just have to make sure I dont have any unusual soreness or discomfort. (I dont want an injury from an insignificant meet)

What is your PB over 50 meters Gloop?


last year i was sick the night before. i had two (2) track meets (one jumping in stathroy and one running/relays in windsor) the next day…i got a pb in the LJ before just because i was so relaxed as there was no pressure because i alreday had the excuse of being sick. i didnt run well though.

Run the race and skip a couple weight work-outs to avoid over-exertion. It will be fun, and you’ll learn much more than a normal work-out.

I’ve never run a 50 b4 chris so whatever I do its gonna be a pb :smiley:

last year I did 60m in 7.8 HT but my 100m at the end of sept came down to 11.89 HT equivalent which equates to apprx 7.6 - 7.7 for 60m

I’d like to think I could get down to 7.5 for 60m but but no idea how this relates to a 50m - we shall see - I must say didn’t enjoy the indoors as much as outdoors last year - very intense and no room for error - so I’m just gonna do 3-4 or so before march and I’m concentrating on the sussex county championships outdoors in early may as my first real target of the year

next year I’m eligable for m40 masters indoor so I might take it a bit more seriously

my colds pretty bad still and I had no sleep at all saturday night due to a crazee night out in London ( no alcohol believe it or not ) so I’ll prolly miss the race this thursday

as for ur move - I think whichever decision u make will be the right one - u sound like u want to do it :smiley: - in which case as Johnny says you’ll gain valuable experience - and there’s no pressure of expectation

It is actually a 60 meter. I’ll post my results post-meet :slight_smile:

No expectations for this meet, just a bit of fun :slight_smile:


I’ve had a few meets through the years that I’ve run when ill. I agree with some of the other posts that indicate good results can occur, maybe because of relaxed state, maybe elevated body temperature if you run a fever. So in a short sprint, I wouldn’t hesitate to run if not too ill. Obviously, this would not be the case as the illness is greater and/or race is longer. Just treat it like a quality workout.

Couldnt run today, too sick. All the congestion has moved down in my chest now. (not good)

Going to the doctor tomorrow, hopefully I can get some antibiotics and shake this flu/infection.

I feel like bag of shit. I am not sure if I’ll be able (let alone ready) to run at the next meet either.

Be careful with antibiotics. There is one class of antibiotic that can cause spontaneous rupture of the achilles tendon as well as other tendons. It is one of the antibiotics sometimes prescribed for bronchial infections. I’ll have to check up on the name of this antibiotic. Pretty scary hey?

I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that many athletes have produced personal best performances in the (very) early stages of a fever. (Neural efficiency increases with raised core temperature)

Didn’t the Eastern Europeans try and induce such a state?

The topic is touched on the CF Forum Review ebook at page 25.

Thanks guys, please post the name of that antibiotic. I’ll get the name of what I am taking later tonight