Rope pulls.

What does the forum think of rope pulls?

Some side footage from the rugby worldcup showed a team training with rope pull sprints. The sprinter in front is basically pulling a sprinter behind him with an elastic bungee rope. They seemed to be covering about 20 yds with this action. Ofcourse the rugby players need to burst of the line pretty quick.
Also, somebody on the forum mentioned that they do rope pulls over 20yds to help with their 40 yd football program and said they had great results.

I train alone so I had to compromise. The other day I did a bungee rope
sprint with the other end attached to a steel & wooden bench.
Needles to say there was a great jarring impact on my hips when I stretched the rope to it’s limits (plus the bench moved, felt like vandelism :eek: ) but I will figure out a sollution. I enjoyed the workout.

As I understand it the website generally promotes some resistance work but not others…

Weighted vests.) Not recomended unless sprinting up a hill with it on.
Hills) Recomended.
Ankle weights.) Not recomended.
Weighted shorts.) Not recomended.
Sleds.) As long as the weight does not decrease by more than 10% your speed.
Rope pulls.) ? (Deffinately worth doing in my opinion.)


I have seen this used as the last part of a warm-up for competition, but only for 60meters indoors.

A lot of people are not big fans of being towed (over speed training), reason behind this being prolonged ground contact time because of the foot striking farther in front of the center of gravity. Here is a thread with a little info.

I don’t mean overspeed, I mean resistance sprints.

The guy in front is pulling the rope attached to other sprinter who is trying to resist the sprinter in front by leaning backwards if possible.