Room temprature for weightroom

Does anyone know if there is a standard/optimal temp for weight rooms?

as a manager of a fitness center, i can tell you that it is either ‘too hot’ in the summer, or ‘too cold’ in the winter. :slight_smile: that is the 2nd biggest complaint i receive, music choice is number 1. it is hard to plz everyone.
ages range from (teens-senior citizens), (some hardcore lifters - walkers on treadmill)

we have the therm. set on 70f., but mid afternoon it is so hot outside that we are doing good if it gets down to 72.

I trained with a bodybuilder at one time and when I took off clothes because of the warmth he put some on.
Something peculiar for bodybuilders perhaps?

Worry about your core temperature not the room temp. I encourage my athletes to wear tights and tracksuit bottoms when lifting

Occasionally, if I’m suffering from muscle soreness, I go to bed with two pairs of tights and a pair of tracksuit bottoms on. It appears to improve recovery… but does little for your sex life :smiley:

Why so much clothes?
what if they had just come from the indoor track and are already warmed up.

If you’re doing singles or doubles with long recoveries body temperature soon drops. I also feel it reduces incidence of injuries and improves performance.

ask yourself-what do i do in the winter period on track when its cold??

you warm-up,loosen out,run and try to maintain temp by wraping up in between runs.

in the weight room it has to be the same if not equiped with heating.warm-up and maintain a sufficent temp