Rolling/Flying starts with longer reps?

At my school, our coach has us use a fly with just about every rep we do, no matter how short or long the distance (except for block starts and accel work). My question is, how much of an influence can this play on the times you acheive on a run? For example, today I did 3x200m w/ full recovery, using a flying start for each (About 5m in distance); times were 22.02h, 22.45h, and 22.23h… Not bad right? Well last weekend in my meet, I ran a 23.9?? What gives? I can lay it out in practice, but could it be I am almost holding way too much back in the races? A relaxation issue? This irritates me to no end… Any help, suggestions with this if possible would be great…


flying starts will aways be alot faster, maybe try a walk in start do get a better idea of where you at with your time’s in training

Your coach might need stopwatch training :smiley: For football once, I ran 1.37 to 10m from a 3point stance (school record…haha). I’ve also run 10.0 in practice for a 100m. I am not that fast (11.1e).

Ya, when I was 13 years old I was timed in the 100 at 11.1 and 4 years later have not ran that electronically.

I never really care about handtimes because they could be very innacurate so I rarely time myself in practice.

1.) maybe your coach wants to see you fast and - he has the watch. thats a normal effect,
2.) hand-timing is always faster 2-3 tenth
3.)do block starts in training for 200m. not every time, but regularly. So you can see your time in practise. if you do it just for a test maybe you will also be not relaxed…If you can stay relaxed in training you - of course - dont need block starts for that distance.
Try to get in mind that its training, even with block starts…
and then transfer to competition…

hope it helps…

mortac…10.0 100 yard dash is roughly a 11.0-11.1 100 meter so it is quite accurate.