Rocky Balboa

I was watching my all time favorite movie the other night on Sports Classics…Rocky I. During the segment where the two hosts/critics discuss FYIs of the movie, they mention the famous scene where Rocky is getting ready to run the steps in Phili. They said that the crew stated they had a difficult time in there vehicle keeping up with Sly during the scene where he kicks it in gear (I believe along side the lake or park). I viewed the particluar scene and he indeed looks like he is moving pretty quickly.

If any of you get a chance to view it…what do you guys think of his speed and form? I was trying to download that particular scene but was unable. Critique it if you can and if anyone can download it try it… for kicks.


I bet most of you don’t know how Sly got his nick name “the italian stallion”. Can anyone guess? I’ll give you a hint, it was from his previous career, b4 becoming a celebrity.

Was it porn?

yep…but I heard it wasn’t equine.

HAHA yes yer right on the $$$ Doug. He used to make $100/day for doing porno’s before switching over to regualr mainstream acting.

he was called STUD!

Stallone is a poor man’s Arnie :stuck_out_tongue: