Rippetoe Goes Off

This is the reason Mark Rippetoe has become my favorite strength writer.

For amusement, read the comments after the article. It reminds me of a lot of the nonsense Charlie spent so much time refuting.


Ramblings of a crazy man…

Some of it was good.
Some was just insane.

Or perhaps he should mention the type of clients he trains.
My beginner clients are pathetic. I need to break down exercises into super basic movements Before they can even do simple exercises such as squat , bench , chins and rows. Yrs of abuse to their bodies and their pelvis is massively out of wack, their shoulders have zero stability and their work capacity is zilch.

The goal is to teach the basic movements of bench and squats and chins etc.
Unless one learns how to do therapy and find exercises the client Can actually do, you will lack clients. A lack of clients means more time to write dribble on the internet. …

Ty. Handshake.