Rest Time in Training Sessions

I was reading “Speed Trap” last night, and I read about how much rest some athletes were taking between reps and sets. I understand why the long rest, but what were the athletes doing during that rest time? Did they just sit, or walk, or drills, or strides.
What would you guys suggest for activities during these rest intervals?

depends on where you are in the season. Generally 1 minute rest for 10meters of sprinting is a good guideline.

In the early part of the season I tend to rest a little less (working more on speed end, strength end) and as the season progresses extending the rest as the speed/quality of the sessions increases.

This is just what I do though, others probably have a different approach


During the rest periods light stretching is done. Also Walking, jogging,shaking out of the legs, and if necessary laying down with legs raised.

what about doing some calisthenics or light strength work?

I wouldnt since the goal is to be completely fresh/rested before the start of the next rep. Doing what you suugested may leave you a bit tired and hinder your speed for the next rep which should be at your fastest.

During tempo sessions (between sets of tempo runs) this is ideal. pushups/situps etc are commonly performed

thanks guys.

Charlie has also pointed out several times that as general fitness improves, the increased caparilization of the muscles allows you to maintain warmth during prolonged rest intervals.

Do a search or check out the forum book. I am not sure where but Charlie recommends active recovery, involving jogging and calisthencis for the long rcoveries for special endurance sessions.

and dont forget how weather becomes a very important factor in this… in hot countries just sitting around keeps u damn warm, in other places u might wanna put on some more clothes during the rest period so ur bodies dont cool off

I think there is a point where the athlete himself has to know what to do during rest times. If (s)he feels a stretch is needed, let him do it, same for a gentle jog or other things. But it will depend of the objective of the cession, the climatic condition and the physical/mental/emotive state of the ahtlete. That’s why there’s no rule. To put things further, Roger Bambuck once said that there’s a point in a career when the athlete becomes the coach’s teacher.