Resource starting points?

Hello everyone,

Newbie here, I was a 100M, 200M guy back in the day. Lately I have been giving serious consideration to developing a personal training business with major focus on speed development. Ben and Charlie were both huge influences on my track career and I have always enjoyed Charlies scientific approach to the sport. Anyways… my question would be for all the experienced forum users, what resources from this site or any other would be the best starting point? I already have SpeedTrap and CFTS any other suggestions? Thanks

GPP essentials video edition would be my next purchase. Most / all of the content is applicable to personal training with a speed focus.

Thanks, I was considering the E-book master set as well

I second the GPP Essentials and E-book. The GPP DVD is packed with info, every time I watch I find something new. The E-books are very comprehensive as well, also a good choice.

Forum Review 2002. Look at the graphs. Especially the vert integration graph which will help you figure out appropriate volumes during part of training.

The E-book master set is the way to go. I also recommend all of the videos, but if money is an issue now, the e-book covers everything. I mean it’s all there. Some of it makes more sense in combination with video demonstrations and Charlie’s stories in his seminars.