Relays composition

USA has over 20 athletes at 10.20 or better. Surely they can find some guys who can saddle up for a relay focus and handle a stick… it’s not like they have to rely on Hans McShitt who runs 10.60.

It’s not rocket science, I am curious what Charlie would do.

I question whether a few 2 day relay camps would disrupt an athletes preparation. I still assert that this goes back to the '90’s. We used to be able to F around and still win, but now we can’t.

As for the Jamaicans, they pass like crap but are so much better that it doesn’t matter. In fact their women were really poor, but without real competition from the US no one really notices.

I harp on the hand-off issue, but it matters a lot less than getting a pool of athletes that care and are coached by competent people. Right now there’s no accountability. :mad:

You’ve summed up the issue right there! If the stick gets around, nothing can stop the team with the horses. If you get a lesser group of cooperative souls, you must now rely on that same group NOT getting the stick around. Take your pick.

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Splits available? I think Powell ran almost same like last year in OG… (Wasn’t it like 8.68?)

Individual times for each sprinters during the relay final (note that the addition of times doesn’t match the final time, because the individual times are from start to 100m line for runner 1, 100m to 200m line for runner 2, 200m to 300m line for runner 3 and 300m to 400m line for runner 4. Baton transmission is sometimes done before the 100m, 200m or 300m line.)

JAM Mullings 10.57, Frater 9.20, Bolt 9.12, Powell 8.73.

TRI Brown 10.63, Burns 9.06, Callander 9.38, Thompson 8.94

GBR Williamson 10.55, Edgar 9.23, Devonish 9.53, AA 9.06

Thanks for those splits. BTW: How fast were Lemaitre’s relay splits? He looked quite good against Thompson in the semis, and Thompson split 8.94 in the final. Maybe the first caucasion sub 9s relay split? :slight_smile:

The early and slow changeover between Bolt and Powell makes Bolt’s split look quite unimpressive. I’m sure it would have been below 9s if they had exchanged a little later and at a faster speed.

Intermediate times for the heats are not out yet.
Our relay coaches had 9.05 for Christophe at European Team Champs in June.

Krylov ran 9.01 (according to Seiko) or 8.96 (according to the biomech Czech team) in Rome’87 final.

Maybe Powell in 9.73 shape for incoming meets… Last year he had 8.68 (I think) in relay and then 9.72 in Lausane…

This is 4x100m final of Men and women on the Worldchampionship in Rome 1987. There is a great anchor leg of Carl Lewis. PJ do you know his 100m split? You mentioned that Krylov ran 9.01 or 8.96 and Lewis outran him very well!

Lewis anchor was 8.86 (Seiko) or 8.78 (Czech team).