analyse this

actually the guy on the right is from Japan

Joel Milburn 371(?) NSWIS

Ben Offerins 410 WA

John Steffenson 522 WA

Sean Wroe 591 unsure VIS

Although Ben and John are wearing different uniforms they are wearing WA colours. Ben Black, John Yellow.

Previously I seem to remember you could wear your club colours as well, not sure if that still happens or not.

Thank’s KK1, LOL on me.

I remember it as club colours at branch (region), state colours at national and national colours at international. Ben is showing his state colours, NSWIS is not a state and John is a NSW athlete (NSWIS sponsorship)

State colours or institute colours for nationals. It was previously a requirement for scholarship holders to wear the scholarship uniform.

Didn’t know JS was a NSWmen now.

I really have no idea, except for previous experience.

JS is an NSWIS athlete.

NSWIS is jointly run/funded by ANSW, it would go down well with NSW athletes to find their state body is paying for athletes from another state.

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skinfolds not looking good?

early season!

Jamaica’s, from left, Usain Bolt, Marvin Anderson, Yohan Blake and Mario Forsythe celebrate on the podium after winning the 4x100 relay at the Penn Relays athletics meet, Saturday, April 24, 2010, in Philadelphia.


Sh$$$$$$$$$$$t!?! I don’t know what you’re seeing :cool::D:cool::D:cool::D:cool::smiley:

Hhmm i can def. appreciate this.

JS left West Aus about 7 years ago now to train with khmel.

Have a look at WA’s state records for the 400 JS doesn’t have it from his 44.73 in 2006. Ben Offereins has it with 44.86 in 2010.

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Better give thanks to Seagrave… :wink:

Bolt pulls up after 19.56sec (-0.8m/s) in Kingston, May 2010 - fourth fastest 200m ever

Here is the link