Rehearsal Based Warm Ups

The idea of ‘rehearsal based warm ups’ is mentioned in the GPP Essentials film. Would someone be able to explain this a little for me?

Would something as using a bend run - coming off the bend or into the bend - to warm up for a 200m or 400m race be classified as rehearsal based warm up or does the term refer to warming up fully, then rehearsing the race section at full speed?

The issue with rehearsals is you may not have access to the track (hurdles etc) at all at big meets. What you really want is a CONSISTENT warm-up so there is no change between what works for you in practice and in a meet, so you are never surprised.

How much variance does there need to be in a warm-up from day to day? I understand the difference in warm-ups on HI days and warm-ups on LOW days, but I’ve seen some with warm-ups A, B, C, D, E for Mon through Fri. Is this necessary?

As it says on the video, it would be best to have one warm-up for low days and one warm up for high days, which consists of the low day warm up with an additional progression of strides and accelerations to prepare the athlete to run at top speed. This way you develop a tried and tested way of preparing an athlete to run fast, and thus no confusion/anxiety as to what warm up to use on competition days.