16 days ago i sprained my ankle,the swelling has since gone down,i can walk normally without pain,but i cannot jog/run without soreness.But i can jog without hobbleing now, so thats good.

Sometimes i even feel the pain go up the outside of my calf, but i’ve only expirienced that when there is preasure placed on my leg, i was doing decline sit-ups.

But i really need to get back onto the field, the doc just has me taking tylanol around the clock. Are there any rehabilitation type excercises i can do to really speed up the recovery process?

Thanks in advance!

If u can - get in the pool

  • ankle rotations / see a proper physio ( worth the cost in the long run )

hot and cold treatment is also great for stuff at that end of ur leg - all u gotta do is whip off ur sock every now and then and and it’ll make a huge difference

do any jogging on grass or a soft surface

Don’t have time for a long reply. I will add a lengthy post later.
Try massage around the ankle, foot and calf. Cross friction over the sprained ligaments. Stretch the soleus. Balancing exercising.

As Gloop said - hot and cold will help big time after the initial just cold work stops the inflamation.

Two tubs ice in one and hot water with epsom salts in the other,

Switch every 12-17 mins.

Massage or/and Cross-friction while in the hot water.

Not too much walking until you can move with out pain.

Plenty of light rotations and flex. work.

strenthening wirk with bands and elastics will be next.

Wobble board, strengthing and balancing stuff for the proprocetors will come last like Thomas said.

*** But first - see a good physio who can assess it properly.

Where are you at now performance wise in respect to running, hopping, skipping, etc…