Reframing earlier question for Chris T

Thanks for helping me out on that last post. I found out quickly, after one week of “my plan”, which was similar to Chris T’s transformation plan, that low carbs+upper body bodybuilding= rapid loss of strength on competition lifts. This was after missing a 90% snatch twice.
So I thought maybe I could reframe the question, for a more specific answer. How do you guys who train olympic weightlifters go about managing weight issues. For example, David W said the same thing my coach would have said with regards to pressing movements, in that competitive lifters just can’t afford the hypertrophy weight. So, with that being said, I had my bf measured this week at 16%. I just think this is a bit over-fat, and it really keeps me from being able to gain potentially functional mass. My coach is very old school with regards to this stuff and he says to eat whatever you want, it doesn’t matter, and drift upward through the weight classes. But really though, it how can 10 less pounds of fat, and 10 plus pounds of funtional mass not be helpful? Currently I’m 89kg at 16%.
What would you guys recommend for a weightlifter in this situation? I think I would be a much more satisfied and motivated lifter if I were a better overall specimen. Suggestions? Thanks.